Something Has To Die (CD - 2018)
Something Has To Die (CD - 2018)
Red Devil Vortex

Something Has To Die (CD - 2018)

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Red Devil Vortex' debut EP "Something Has To Die"

Released May 4, 2018

Gabriel Connor: Lead vocals / bass
Pablo Kravicz: Guitars / vocals
Iago Marcondes: Drums / vocals

Produced, mixed and mastered by Augustus Cryns
Recorded at Soundcheck Studios in North Hollywood, CA

All lyrics written by Gabriel Connor
All music written by Gabriel Connor except:
"Undaunted": Written by Augustus Cryns and Gabriel Connor
"Villains And Kings": Written by Gabriel Connor, Augstus Cryns and Pablo Kravicz

Guest musicians:
Sam Bam Koltun: Guitar solo on "Undaunted"
Augustus Cryns: Backing vocals, additional guitars

Artwork: Devansh Atray
Photography: Natan Lecheta


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